Gio. Ott 28th, 2021

Make we welcome all our broda and sister wey comot from Naija….

Dis program wey you dey hear so na for our people wey de hear pidgin as we dey talk am for house and wey dey live inside Italy…

Na from our newsroom wey dey for Genoa for inside Liguria na him we dey bring una dis tori.

Anywhere wey you dey wey you dey pick our signal, make you dey hear us thru RADIO FOR MIGRANT inside

Today, we dey bring una tori as e dey hot from inside our newsroom wey dey Genoa.

De number ONE thing wey our people suppose know today na be sey the way wey our people to go collect visa for their FAMILY, their FRIENDS and even for STUDENTS don change kpata-kpata…. e don change….

Italian Consulate wey dey for Lagos talk am sey with small support for online sef, you fit follow de process, then get your VISA easy- easy.

Make we bring una the main tori wey de happen now….

Italian Consulate for Lagos don open two new Visa center wey dem call TLS…Na dem be de company wey go dey handle all de Italian Visa wey people dey request wen dem wan travel go Italy.

Make we give una de new Visa application centers wey dey for Lagos and Abuja….

Since the 24th of May wey we check, una fit apply for Italian visa for the the following Visa Application Center wen dem call VAC:

For Lagos, de address na:

TLS contact- Visa Application Centre,
Fourth Floor, Ivie House, 4/6 Ajose Adeogun Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

For Abuja, de address na:

TLS contact- Visa Application Centre
Third floor, El-Yakub Place,
Plot 1129, Zakaria Maimalari St, (beside Metro Plaza),
Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.


Una know sey over 700,000 people dey for dis Italy wey no get health card…? and as dem no get health card so, government no gree give dem covid19 vaccine… dis na people wey dem call immigrants..dat one mean sey dem come from other countries wey dey outside Europe come settle for Italy.. some of dem get wetin dem call STP Card (Foreigners temporarily present)… Dat STP Card go allow Government to assist una wit different health care wey include Vaccines.

Dis explanation na from Health Director of IMP wey be (National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty) na him break am down give ANSA and other people wey suppose know….

Another group for dis category na EU immigrants wey get ENI Card (dat one na people wey come from Europe but dem no dey registered)…

But with this only, you no go fit access health care if you not get tax code and health card code… for all the regions, na only Emilia Romagna dey accept de STP Card just like dat…

For some regions, you go need to get Digital Identity Code wey dem call SPID or the certified Mobile Number ooo.

For this level, foreigners wey no get health card or other codes wey I talk about, government to cut dem off from health care even if dem get right to vaccination.

With this kain data, people dey take am sey e go dey impossible to achieve wetin dem call HERD IMMUNITY ooo.

Direction, translation and voice over: Mike Okwoche – TVC News – Lagos, Nigeria